Your will. (You do have one, I hope)

   You do have a will, I hope.

   If you have any kind of creative work, you need a will; whether it is a photo library, songwriting, news stories, or fiction.  Sure, your state will “make a will” for you if you die without one - as law students are taught - but rest assured that, if your estate looks valuable, all sorts of self-proclaimed “relatives” will seek claims on it if you die without a will, as now is happening with the estate of a superstar singer.
   Sure, you’re now young - but you can die in an auto wreck or home fire tomorrow.  And that photo in your library of the kid playing high school football gets very valuable if it’s the only publishable quality one of him playing high school ball if he makes the NFL - or becomes a rock superstar.
   So get a basic will done, now.  Have it done - or reviewed - by a lawyer; the lawyer will keep a copy of it - and make sure it complies with your state’s laws.  And a lawyer is a good choice for your executor - so your estate’s disposition won’t be left to some idiot who is a relative.