My start in freelance photojournalism was as a college student - when I heard on the scanner that a mechanic had wrecked a plane while testing it at the local airport.  I went, shot photos - and sold the undeveloped film to the area daily for $30.
My breakout work was the John Edwards trial - with a portraitlike photo of John Edwards that I shot run worldwide the day after and repeatedly on a paid basis by the UK Guardian.  That photo is what got me my first on-assignment work.
Since then, I covered the 2012 Romney presidential campaign - with photos from that run on a paid basis by the London Telegraph and the London Daily Mail.
I've worked on assignment twice for the New York Daily News - once on the Petraeus/Broadwell story, a second time on short notice to get photos of the parents of a rookie star with the New York Giants.  Since then, I've worked on assignment for the New York Post covering the Jill Abramson story.  I've also worked on assignment for the industrial magazine Portable Restroom Operator.
Work published on a paid basis in UK Guardian (John Edwards trial); London Telegraph (Romney campaign trail); London Daily Mail (Romney campaign trail); New York Daily News (David Wilson NFL story); New York Post (Eastman Kodak bankruptcy); Illustreret Videnskab Historie (Tea Party); Sage Publications (marriage equality controversy); Daily Digital Digest (cellular phone industry in Russia); Portable Restroom Operator (Piedmont Portables story);
Photojournalism is what I love; if I won Powerball, I'd still do it.
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Based in North Carolina.  Cellular phone: 336-350-1218.