Yes, I can also write

   Yes, I can also write - though I’m really a shooter.  I know the “5Ws and 1H” - and they’ve served me well on a variety of stories I’ve written.
   For instance, I pitched the editor of “Shotgun News” on a story on being profitable as a dealer on the gun show circuit - and, incidentally, on whether many, let alone most, dealers at shows were in 2004.  The research I did - not surprisingly - by going on the show circuit and observing!
   “Shotgun News” required both text and photos; evidently, they had neither much photo staff nor budget to hire freelance shooters.  So I shot a variety of photos at shows I set up at - and even at a local Wal-Mart to show how other places were undercutting dealers at shows.
   I fast came to the conclusion - simply by observing how many tables typical dealers each rented and how much stuff they sold - that most all dealers lost money at shows, but supported it by income elsewhere in the same way that many farmers support farms by jobs in town or pensions and stay in farming as a “lifestyle.”  However, if he did it right, a show dealer could make a small profit at each show.
   The story ran Dec. 10, 2004 - and I got paid $300-350.
   I’d previously had stories I’d written - and shot photos for - run in the ham radio magazine “CQ” on antenna design.  That was good preparation for the much-longer “Shotgun News” story.