What next for New York Daily News?

  What’s next for the New York Daily News - now that it has sold for the please-take-this-paper price of one dollar, with the buyer assuming all assets and liabilities?  In particular, what’s next for the freelance  photojournalists it paid top day rates to shoot distant stories?
   When I shot two stories for them in 2012, it was $500 per day - plus, of course, your work possibly running top market on top stories.  I shot the Petraeus/Broadwell story for them (below) - and soon was called back to shoot an NFL-related story for them; they ran one of my photos from the football story about the Giants’ new rookie star.
   But since then, they seem to be skimping on assignments - instead running wire content to every possible extent.
   What is clear is that - unlike Gannett, which owns so many daillies so widely scattered and now shares content among them as a very successful mini-AP - there just is very little opportunity for “New York’s Picture Newspaper” to run content from a chain whose newspapers seem very few and limited to Chicago and Los Angeles.  So either it must return to jobbing out such work whenever far from NYC - or continue using wire feeds.
   I’d bet they return to hiring out such work.


Shot on assignment for New York Daily News:
Paula Broadwell’s sons leave to play with neighbor and a girl.