Too shaky to shoot photos?

   Are you too shaky to shoot photos - or are you starting to get that way?
   Sure, you can restrict yourself to shooting only at ultrahigh shutter speeds - or forcing that by setting widest-possible apertures - but either means you’ll be unable to shoot in many circumstances, or constantly be resetting ISO, or both.  And that you’ll be stuck with a peculiar movie-poster-like effect in many photos - near-zero depth of field.
   But there is an alternative - used for a very long time by competitive marksmen and (presumably) snipers: propanolol.  The generic of Inderal, propanolol is a common hypertension prescription drug - and very inexpensive - that drastically cuts tremors; it’s been used for that by marksmen for many years.  It doesn’t have many problematic side effects - unlike some other hypertension pills that are notorious for that problem.  The effect it has on long-shaky people is amazing to friends when they see them for the first time after being on propanolol for a short while.
   And - since hypertension and prehypertension, a condition just below hypertension, is now so common in America - getting it prescribed for legitimate medical purposes is easy.  Talk with your physician.  You’ll be amazed at the improvement in your photos - and be healthier.