The really good pocket tool?

   There are all sorts of pocket tools - from Swiss Army knives to Leatherman multitools of various sizes - each favored by somebody, but for a working photographer and particularly a working photojournalist, it’s very hard to beat Leatherman’s Juice S2 (below).
   Unlike most all pocketknives, it includes a pair of pliers - a really good pair of stout pliers.  It is about the best pair of pliers I’ve ever seen - including by comparison with ordinary pliers; it includes a wire cutter, a needle-nose pliers, and an ordinary pliers.  There are few pliers jobs it can’t handle well - as well as a whole toolbox of pliers.
   It also includes a few screwdrivers - both straight and Phillips.  Also included: scissors and a bottle/cap opener.  
   The knife blade is razor-sharp straight from the factory - very unusual for pocketknives.
   Best of all, it’s capable of most all work - while sized to fit in a woman’s hand; it easily carries in a pocket or photo vest - not needing a separate belt sheath.  And it’s even capable of most emergency auto fixes.
   If it has one weakness, it’s that bottle/cap opener - but, honestly, how many times do you really use one on your pocketknife?
   The thing’s overall design seems obviously inspired by a World War II escape tool issued to the predecessor of the CIA - but that was an afterthought to an ordinary pocketknife.

Leatherman Juice S2.
Just over 3” long folded.