The disaster news photo essential

   Press photos of disasters - and their aftermath - are big items for top stories.  Too bad you probably won’t be able to plug your camera’s charger in anywhere nearby!
   The answer is a battery grip.  You may not have tried one - or you may have found one useful for its making for better balance especially when using a long heavy lens, for shooting vertical photos, or for both.  But there’s one other thing a battery grip lets you do - run your dSLR on ordinary “AA” batteries, widely available, if you buy the proper adapter.
   For my Canon 7D bodies, that’s Canon’s BGM-E6 (photo); it lets you run the 7D on six “AA” batteries.  You put the penlight batteries into it - and then put it into the battery grip in place of the rechargeable batteries.  It has the “wiring” all built in - making contact with the “AA” batteries and the battery grip all by itself.  Other Canon dSLRs require different battery grips - and, possibly, different battery holders for “AA” batteries.
   Note that you must buy the proper battery grip for your dSLR - and, if not included with it, the proper adapter for the “AA” batteries.
   Similar battery adapters are common for ham radio walkie-talkies - and, possibly, also for scanners.
   Lowe’s and Wal-Mart are the best places to buy the “AA” batteries - as their low prices make for rapid turnover and fresh batteries.  And each sells them at hefty discounts if you buy a pack of many batteries.  Be sure to get alkaline batteries for longest life.

Battery grip adapter lets you use your dSLR on “AA” batteries.