The digicam where non-dSLRs got taken seriously by photojournalists

   At some point, Canon made a truly fantastic non-dSLR compact digicam - to the point photojournalists began shooting stories with it; it was the G15.  Truly great usable very high ISO capability, very fast lens across entire zoom range, 28-140 zoom lens easy exposure compensation in the field,easy switching between shutter priority and aperture priority plus automatic mode, seemingly endless battery capacity.
   And word that it really could do most all work previously done only with heavy, bulky dSLRs percolated fast among shooters.  A shooter was reportedly covering Afghanistan with a G15.  During a private phone call, my first industry contact told me he’d shot stories for the big daily he was director of photography for with his G15.  For my part, I sold news photos on top stories I’d shot with my G15 (below) - and told that photo director that.
   The G15 was ideal for indoor work where you had to be inconspicuous - like the package I sold at the height of the Duck Dynasty controversy over their remarks against same-sex marriage.  I shot a display of their stuff inside a retail setting using mine - and it ran.
   It also was the very-capable camera you always had with you - not in a bag full of gear out in your car.

Shot at height of Duck Dynasty dispute - and ran.