Shooting perfect macros - but where?

   Lighting is one very big problem in shooting good macros - but hardly the only 
   “Where” is the other big problem.  Putting a background atop the bed’s top works - 
but leaves much to be desired in terms of angles and heights.
   The solution is a standup desk for a laptop computer.  The angles are perfect; so are 
possibilities for additional lighting.
   The laptop desk I found was free - discarded locally.  It obviously had mainly been |
used as a craft and work place - cut and paint marks showed that.  But a couple pieces 
of cheap foamboard would fix that fine for shooting macros; I’d suggest one white one - 
and the other light blue one side, dark blue other side.
   The supports - and it’s on casters - would work perfectly for any additional lighting 
needed; so would the high top “desk.”
   See how perfectly it worked shooting macros of damage for a consumer complaint 
(photo below).