Ring lights for macros

   The one exception I’ve found the the general worthlessness of on-camera LED lights for shooting stills really does shine - and almost certainly is the best solution for it, and a great buy: as a ring light for macros.
   Ring lights of a variety of types - some very expensive, some at least somewhat less - are sold for shooting macros.  At least some merely bounce the flash of an ordinary speedlite into a ringlike reflector and diffuser - but they are clumsy.  Other inexpensive ones have a speedlite-looking battery holder and control head and are inexpensive - attached to a ring-shaped assembly that easily attaches to the front of your lens and that’s full of LEDs behind a diffuser.
   But - after trying one of the latter type and being very disappointed - I soon ended up with a Promaster RL60.  It is a self-contained unit with dozens of LEDs behind a diffuser, holds two “AAA” batteries - and screws into the front of your lens with any of a variety of adapters your friendly local full-service photo store will patiently fit it with.  A three-position switch on the side allows you to turn on all - or half - of the LEDs.  It’s very bright - and costs about $99 at a full-service photo place, in between the cheap “fixes” and the expensive ones.
   It’s been a great thing for me for shooting macros.

Promaster RL60 ring light - a great buy.