Online portfolios - which one?

   There are various templates for online portfolios - and I can suggest two, both of which I’ve used.
   One is the National Press Photographers Association - through its membership.  NPPA has improved it a lot since first offering it to members; each  thumbnail lets viewers click for a caption.  And the easy advantage of NPPA’s portfolio - as a benefit of membership - is that NPPA’s members are easily searched by state, which is how I got my first on-assignment work.
   But nothing beats Format - previously 4ormat - for professional-looking Web portfolios that your name or business is the Web address of.  A Format portfolio is very easy to build - and very versatile, allowing blogs like mine here; see my Format portfolio at  
   Any Format portolio is easily tagged with tags such as your state, your city, what kind of photo work you do.
   Of course, you can always put together a redirect to take your choice of Web address to a NPPA portfolio you have.