Next year’s coming big stories

   Next year’s coming big stories will be political protest and the economy - at least on a national level.  Sure, other things may be bigger stories locally - but, for national stories, the economy and political protest will dominate for ongoing persistent news stories.
   So far, opposition to Pres. Trump hasn’t shown the endlessness that Occupy did - or the everywhereness that both Occupy and the Tea Party were noted for; instead, the “Resistance” has been limited to marches and rallies of a few hours each - in a very few places.  So far, opposition to Trump has centered on ideological differences.
   But will the issue that elected Trump - middle-class jobs for a largely dispossessed middle class - spark Occupy-like “Trumpvilles?”  In the past three months, massive downsizing of middle-class jobs has been a common news story; General Electric alone just downsized 12,000 more - and Ford downsized over 1,000 middle managers, Boeing 300 engineers, Lowe’s its entire IT department of 120.  And many other companies also did big downsizings of middle-class jobs during that three months: GM, Berkshire Hathaway newspapers, Blue Cross of North Carolina, Kellogg, Carrier, AT&T. 
   So far, however, neither the establishment Democrats - nor the “street” “Resistance” - have mobilized the downsized into a street-protest movement resembling Occupy or even the Tea Party.  Nor, so far, have establishment Democrats made a political issue of the continuing massive downsizings of middle-class jobs.
   But any “new Occupy” - or even an anti-Trump “Tea Party”-style movement - is the coming big news story.  Coming - because Occupy’s “campers” obviously simply didn’t have good jobs they couldn’t afford to be truant from!
   Similarly, the economy itself will provide great photojournalism potential - for the shooter willing and able to be observant and creative.

Occupy Chapel Hill (N.C.), Oct 22, 2011.