My most productive half hour - portfolio review

   I’d lucked out.  The director of photography at a mid-size daily had agreed to review my portfolio.  I brought along a resume.
   Back then, I had an unchanging portfolio - that I’d had printed by a full-service photo store.  Photos were about 8”x10” each; the thing was hardbound.  Of course, the disadvantage of that format was it simply couldn’t be updated without considerable expense.
   Anyway, I gave him the resume - which he took notes on.  Evidently, he was at least somewhat impressed;
   He made suggestions to me on how to shoot better news photos - and I left with a sort of “assignment.”  I saw that his suggestions would have made many of the photos in my portfolio much better.
   I shot the “assignment” - which he agreed was considerably better.  Following his suggestions in all subsequent packages I shot, I got much better.
   My portfolio very soon was on CD-ROM disc - for inexpensive editing ability  And, soon after that, on the Web.  It would be the Web edition that got me on-assignment work from places I’d never heard of.
   Too bad his paper soon enough was downsizing large numbers of staff - which ultimately included him.
   It was the most productive half hour meeting I ever spent.

One of best photos in that original printed portfolio:
Alamance County sheriff Terry Johnson (right) speaks with local woman at Tea Party rally, Burlington, N.C., June 19, 2010.