Lighting macros

   Shooting macros involves particular lighting issues - like avoiding shadows.  But there are 
surprisingly simple - and inexpensive - ways to do it.
   One - of course - is diffused sunlight through a window.  It got me my first news photo to run 
big: Kodak’s bankruptcy - and works fine on a day the sun’s diffused by clouds.  It can be 
surprisinglingly great for some work and is of course near-free in cost.
   Forr $99 retail, Promaster’s self-contained ring light is full of LEDs behind a diffuser - runs on two 
AAA” batteries - and screws on the front of various popular lenses via adapters.  It’s a very good 
deal for macros.
   But best of all - surprisingly good - is just your ordinary speedlite, behind a $20 Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce 
diffuser.  Try it bounced off a white ceiling or wall - and then directly at subject.  It certainly works fine 
bounced - but try a few each subject direct; you may well find it works great direct for most.  And it will 
work fine direct for headshots.
   Best of all, that Promaster ring light - and a speedlite - have no difficult power issues.

Promaster’s $99 self-contained ring light - a real bargain.