I saw it, I shot the photo, I sold the photo: the “Duck Dynasty” controversy. 

Although now having shot on-assignment for two years, I still shoot on-spec anything newsworthy - and upload the photos to a news-photo agency. I do this for potential additional sales of photos that I own - and for additional exposure when on-assignment work is slow.
So it was last Christmas Eve - when, at the height of the “Duck Dynasty” controversy over gay rights - I saw a display of “Duck Dynasty” merchandise for sale at a local Cracker Barrel restaurant.
I got out my backup digicam - a Canon G15 - and shot a package. Canon’s G15 is unobtrusive - and ideal for such work - but offers near-dSLR capability except for the lack of an interchangeable lens. Its combination of a very fast lens (equivalent to 28-140mm), great photos even at very high ISO, very easy exposure compensation - in an inconspicuous package but one still easy to grip firmly - make it a great backup digicam, especially for breaking news stories as that camera you’d always carry that has immensely more capability than a smartphone’s camera. While your dSLR is out in the car as you eat or shop or whatever, that G15 is with you.
A photo from my package (below) sold through a reseller to an unknown buyer several months later in March.

“Duck Dynasty” merchandise for sale in a restaurant - at the height of the controversy.