Covering 2020: Democrats

   Covering 2020?  The Democrats have two possible presidential contenders who cannot be written off - as absurd as each seems.
   Although the July-August 2017 issue of “Atlantic” reported that top-echelon circles of the Democrats listed 28 unnamed possible credible contenders - as in potential contenders who’d be taken seriously if they ran - the two seemingly-absurd “sleeper” possibilities are Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey:
   Hillary: despite age, losing twice to nobodies, apparent health problems - and decades of sometimes contradictory paper trail - must be tempted by Trump’s failure on the issue that elected him: middle-class jobs.  Thousands of middle-class jobs in many industries got downsized in the past three months.  Add his flip-flops on “DREAMers” and guns recently - and Trump is very weak for 2020; he only won by 75,000 in three key states.  Ironically like Trump is a cult of personality; her 2016 campaign even had hashtag #PantsuitPower.
   Oprah: extreme paper trail problem of many years of unscripted daily shows, a nobody - but has to realize that another guy lacking any political experience just won!  Lacks any political agenda, though.
   Either of these is worth including in your photo library - starting now.