Cops going encrypted? What to scan for stories?

   Are your area’s police now encrypting their radios - or about to?  Then will you still be able to chase the scanner for stories to shoot?
   Police nationwide have suddenly become scared of ambushes ever since last year’s anti-police “Black Lives Matter” riots and subsequent attacks on officers.  Even in small cities like here, they are scared; while that’s the last thing any cop would admit to, they do that when they ask City Hall for more paramilitary gear - including encrypted radios.  So can you still chase the scanner?
   Yes.  Face it, traffic stops - and 99% of police work - never made great news photos, anyway.  It’s the “other” stuff that did.  So put different channels in your scanner: the local volunteer fire departments, the ambulance channels, the local airport - and the ones that will get you most of the best cop-action photos anyhow: ham radio.  Put the local two-meter and UHF ham radio hangout channels in your scanner - not only the local repeaters, but also the nonrepeater channels locally favored.  Here, that’s 146.520 and 147.525; such channels are favored in power outages - and can guide you to operating gas stations in a power outage!
   After all, big fires, storm damage, and the occasional wrecked small plane make the best photos in most areas anyhow.

This inexpensive used Bearcat 800 XLT scanner gets this stuff here.