Covering a political fundraiser

   It was 2014, a law-school classmate was running for District Court judge - and he invited me to shoot his fundraiser at our alma mater, UNC-Chapel Hill.
   I arrived to find locating the place very difficult.  When II finally found it, he immediately told me flash wasn’t allowed - due to all the paintings around the room.  No problem - as I was used to shooting at very high ISO for available light.  But the next problem couldn’t easily be fixed: the room was painted a color many of the older guests and the host had for hair!  I shot those photos against a dark bookshelf - and found that worked fine.
   Then it was time for the billed musicians.  If Tom Maxwell makes it big in music, here’s a great photo (below) of him playing that fundraiser back when he was a “nobody.”  And I own it.

Will Tom Maxwell make it big in music?
Here, he plays Matthew Martin’s 2014 fundraiser at UNC-Chapel Hill.