Advertising - inexpensively

   How do you advertise - inexpensively? Certainly not the Yellow Pages - whose rates are expensive.
   One way is an online portfolio.  One method is the National Press Photographers’ Association - which now allows a quite good portfolio.  Another is Format - which also allows a quite good online portfolio, easy to set up and with your choice of name for Web site’s address.
   With Format, tag your portfolio’s Web site with words and phrases that lead potential clients to it - such as “photojournalism”; “photography”; “news photography”; and your city and state.  Also your name - and any business name.
   Either way, caption each photo in your online portfolio - both as to what it was and what publication(s), if any, ran it.  Emphasize top stories - not just great-looking photos; see my portfolio at
   Another inexpensive advertising method is to leave a business card on the table every time you eat out - or do anything else out.  Also, don’t forget to put business cards on bulletin boards at convenience stores, restaurants, etc. - especially if you also are willing to shoot wedding photos.  Get great business cards done by a local printer - rather than freebies obtained online - if you do this.