A really good tripod at $100 or less?

   Can you get a really good tripod at $100 full retail or just under?
   Promaster makes an aluminum tripod that stickers just under $100 at full-service 
photo stores.  It has flip-lock extension legs - thus avoiding the typical “freezing” 
problem of some aluminum tripods.  It comes with a quick-detach plate to attach the 
bottom of your camera to - and holds a Canon 7D with the typical “L” zoom sturdily for
either of the zooms favored by photojournalists.
   Compatible quick-detach plates are available - and inexpensive.  They attach to your 
camera by screwing into its tripod mount.
   Legs are three sections each - and maximum height is convenient.
   Head has a bubble level - and an angle degree scale.  Head locks and unlocks the
typical way of twisting handle.
   This tripod is lightweight.  In months of using it, it’s proven totally reliable - and 
convenient to use.  It’s been great for doing headshots - even of myself!  It’s very 
well made.