Covering a campaign? What else to shoot?

   Are you covering one - or more - of the campaigns now gearing up for next year’s elections?  Sure, you’ll shoot photos of any candidate who does a campaign appearance - or even stops - in your area.  But what else to shoot that a newspaper or magazine may be interested in?
   One thing - of course - is the crowds coming out to hear the candidate, as has already been seen by overhead photos of the crowd at Hillary Clinton’s official launch of her presidential campaign.  But another is all the “stuff” - as in buttons, signs, banners, whatever; photos of that “stuff” do run - if shot tight.
   When covering the 2012 Mitt Romney campaign - and the short-lived Newt Gingrich campaign - I shot the signs, buttons, etc. as well as Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney’s son when they did appearances here.  For the Romney campaign, I was particularly struck by the desktops of campaign items that this county’s Republican Party organization had in GOP headquarters - and shot various photos of it - the buttons, bumper stickers, etc.
   Below is probably the best of that group - a photo of a glass bowl full of Romney buttons for sale.

Romney buttons for sale, county GOP headquarters, Burlington, N.C.
Oct. 22, 2012.