Covering coronavirus

   Covering coronavirus is difficult.
   For one problem, the New York City-style images of so many dead bodies space to put them 
runs out - and they have to be put into refrigerated truck trailers - simply don’t exist to be shot 
in much of America.
   For another, whether it really is a “pandemic” is seriously debatable - as Sweden kept and can 
keep normal society without huge losses.  It certainly isn’t the Black Plague II.
   So what can you shoot - where you are?  Images of the official panic abound; restaurants with 
huge signs out front when they were or are being allowed to reopen, yard signs thanking nurses 
and doctors, etc.  College campuses and “college towns” where students flout rules requiring 
masks or prohibit large parties.
   The images certainly are out there - anywhere in the U.S. - to be shot.

In a front yard in Burlington, N.C.