Really good bottled water?

   Fortunately, the lens pocket on back of your photo vest is just the right size for a bottle of 
bottled water.  Unfortunately, bottled water is expensive and a mess to drink - as the thin-wall 
bottles crumple as water empties.
   Fortunately, there are better alternatives - and they pay for themselves fast.  And they won’t 
make a mess as you drink them, either.  Each fits that same pocket.
   From absolutely free to $20, refillable water bottles that are sturdy are readily available.
   Your nearest State Farm insurance agent will give you, free, a sturdy refillable water bottle with 
a push-pull drinking spout.  Pick up one or two.
   Wal-Mart sells for $20 an insulated water bottle by Stanley.  One-hand drinking control makes 
it very convenient - and it will provide ice water all day.  Fill with ice cubes before filling the 
remaining space with water - and ice remains in the remaining water 15 hours later.  Holds 
20 oz. of water.
   Save money; #DontBuyBottledWater.

   The State Farm one is free - but the $20 Stanley one is worth it.