Covering the “Resistance” against Trump

   Covering the “Resistance” - the street movement of Democrats against Trump that began very soon after his inauguration?  Big opportunity later this month.
   A first anniversary of the women’s “Resistance” marches immediately after he became president is scheduled for the weekend of Jan. 20-21, the day and time locally depending on where you are.  Raleigh, N.C. has  a march scheduled for Saturday morning.
   Of course - as I noted - whether the “Resistance” gets taken seriously like Occupy was by politicians, the press, and the public depends totally on whether it becomes a chronic presence seemingly everywhere the way that Occupy did fast.  So far, it has failed to become a nationwide grouping of “Trumpvilles” in the way Occupy immediately became nationwide “Obamavilles” - seemingly unending encampments of jobless college graduates and a few other struggling Americans.
   So far, the “Resistance” has failed to be a news item - and stayed limited to the egghead few.

Occupy Greensboro (N.C.), Oct. 15, 2011.